Smart Gardening: Weeding Tips

Have you ever had an idea on how could you maximize your weeding skills in your garden?! Did you know that there are tons of ways you could learn how to weed properly? With these DIY tips, you will feel that you had a lost and needed skill in weeding that you just found! It is time to get your paper and write down these smart gardening weeding tips! Ace your weeding skills now, gardener!

The first rule on every effective and efficient garden weeding, never and do not ever leave a root. Second, never weed just after a rain. Thirdly, if there is no rain at sight, that is the time you start pulling and watering your garden! The best time to remove weeds is when the soil is damp and very moist. Fourth, make sure you keep a garden fork in your pocket just for your convenience in attacking baby weeds just right after you take a spot of them!

Take note that the top five worst weeds are yellow nutsedges, ground ivy, crabgrass, and white clover! Never let them go! Especially the fastest-growing weeds that are called kudzu, they are well-known as foot-a-night-vine because they can literally go and grow a foot each day! Fifth, just be mindful of gaps between plants, and remember, the most important task you should do is to water the plants that you want, not the weeds that you have! Keep that in mind!

Although some may think that weeding is not that important, let it be put to merit that weeding competes with the main crop plant in such different aspects like in water, sunlight, nutrients, and even space making plants affected in their growth! This is the reason why unwanted plants reduce the yield too. Therefore, weeding should be done two or three times, especially when weeds begin to sprout again. Never miss any weeds!

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