4 Best Furniture Pieces To Incorporate With Your Vintage Decoration

DIY-ing your house has become wildly popular over the past year because most of us was forced to stay at home because of the pandemic. The house we used to leave every morning whenever we live for work is now our office space and we must keep it neat and tidy to ensure that we are able to concentrate.

One of the most popular designs searched for interior designing is vintage because it never runs of out style and here are the best pieces for your vintage decoration.

Treasure Chest

Imagine a wooden treasure chest that is white washed or with a teal color – that’s a score! It doesn’t even need to be functional as storage, it can just be a centerpiece or a bed end.

Wooden Ladder

There’s many that you can do with a vintage ladder. My favorite is to turn it into a bookshelf with my favorite books. You can also turn it into a display shelf with random items that you can keep in it.

Fine China

There are so many you can find from thrift stores that don’t belong to a set. They’re probably old pieces so just take them all. They don’t need to match. In fact, a little variety can be the key to making them look like better wall decorations. Old plates like these would look great on your kitchen wall.


Imagine the 50s suitcases piled up in a room – that’s some solid vintage decor right there. You can make an impressive side table out of these and they can double purpose as a secret storage, too because no one would dare look at them.

4 simple items that will surely turn any room into vintage. If you’re at wits end with trying to figure out how to make your room vintage, all you need to do is to look at inspiration from Pinterest – there are so many pegs for vintage or antique decor for interior designing. And if you still have difficulty looking for pieces, check YouTube on how to DIY them.

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